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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas

18 December 2017 •


The offices will be closed during the Christmas week until 2nd January 2018. 

We hope you have a prosperous New Year.

This year instead of sending cards we have made a donation to St Mungo's, who work to tackle the causes of homelessness.

Warrener Stewart continues to grow

02 November 2017 • Warrener Stewart News

The current economic climate has not deterred five young professionals choosing accountancy as a career and joining chartered accountants in Fulham, Warrener Stewart. As chartered accountants and chartered tax advisors, Warrener Stewart specialises in meeting the needs of small and medium sized business, helping them to fulfil their business potential. The five new starters specifically choose Warrener Stewart because they wanted the opportunity to work with SMEs from a variety of sectors.


Pictured above are (left to right): Fo Uwhubetine, Demi Brindley, Victoria Ikudehinbu, Alex Hollomby, Ali Dessain.

Joining the Audit and accountancy team are Ali Dessain, Demi Brindley and Fo Uwhubetine. For recent history graduate Ali, this is his first stepping stone towards a career in accountancy, following his graduation from Trinity College in Dublin. Whilst for Demi, having completed her AAT qualification in 2013, she has also chosen to continue her career as a Chartered Accountancy trainee and study for her ACA Qualification at Warrener Stewart. Likewise, Fo, having studied Accountancy and Financial Management whilst at the University of Hull, is keen to progress her career in business whilst training with Warrener Stewart.

Warrener Stewart’s Tax department has grown steadily over the past five years, providing advice to both businesses and their owners on UK and international tax issues. It was this diverse nature of the Tax department which attracted Accounting and Finance graduate, Victoria Ikudehinbu to join the team so she could expand her career in US tax and continue to study to become an Enrolled Agent alongside her ATT exams. As a recent Classics graduate, Alex Hollomby has chosen to put his attention to detail to good use by launching himself into a career in tax.

“In the current economic climate our clients are relying upon us more and more for business and tax advice. Through our recent recruitment we can continue to grow and maintain a high level of service to our clients,” commented Colin Edney, joint managing director of Warrener Stewart. 

Warrener Stewart helps new business bank set up

17 October 2017 •

The banking sector in the UK has recently seen several new banks evolve; one of the latest, Redwood Bank, a new bank focused on small to medium sized businesses, used Fulham chartered accountants, Warrener Stewart’s expertise to help set their company up.

Co-Founder of Redwood Bank, Jonathan Rowland, enlisted senior partner, Colin Edney and his team to assist them with laying the foundations for his new bank.

“This has been a really exciting project to work on,” commented Colin. “It was very gratifying when Redwood Bank’s full banking licence went live at the end of August”.

Our involvement was to help Jonathan and his team to develop the right infrastructure for the company. We also supported them in providing back office support through the various rounds of financing to get the bank capitalised.”

The bank formally launched in September, with launch events in Letchworth and Warrington. With Redwood Bank providing market-leading deposit rates and a fast turnaround time for asset-backed lending, Colin believes they will fulfil a vital role in the financial market by assisting SME business customers.

“One of the reasons we wanted to work with Redwood Bank was because of their focus on small businesses; many businesses will benefit from Redwood’s fully tailored and agile approach to SME finance.”

HMRC introduce new rules on providing pay and tax information over the phone

27 July 2017 • HMRC News

It may be summer and whilst you might not want to cloud your days with thoughts of the frantic rush in January to complete your tax return, as Ryan Lane, head of personal client services at tax specialists Warrener Stewart, cautions new rules mean it might be a good time for some tax housekeeping.

“HMRC has just tightened up on their regulations relating to request from agents like us, for information on taxpayers details of employment income and tax deductions over the phone,” notes Ryan. “This means that we can no longer phone up and request instant information on behalf of clients to assist in the preparation of last minute tax returns.”

Due to a growing number of security issues, HMRC has recently introduced a policy whereby taxpayers may continue to request the information over the phone, however, the data will now be sent directly to the taxpayer by post which could take several days or even weeks.

“January is normally a busy month as people rush to collate all the information needed to submit their personal tax return,” Ryan continues. “With the introduction of these new measures we need to build in additional time, up to at least three weeks, to factor in information requests to HMRC to be able to submit an individual’s tax return if their P60 or P45 documentation has gone astray. Whilst summer is not the most traditional time to think of tax returns, a few moments spent now submitting a request for your 2016/2017 information or sending on the P60 to us now could mean filing on time in January!” 

Change to Persons of Significant Control (PSC) Notifications

21 June 2017 •

The person of significant control (PSC) regime introduced from April 2016 will see important changes come into effect from 26 June 2017. From that date any changes to a Company or LLP’s PSC information will require notification to Companies House on an event by event basis as opposed to annually via the Confirmation Statement.

These changes are necessary in order for the UK to comply with the EU Fourth Money Laundering Directive which takes effect from 26 June 2017.

At present companies are required to report PSC information on an annual basis within their Confirmation Statement submission. Any changes required to the PSC register are made within this submission alongside updates to changes to shareholders, share capital, SIC codes etc.

The new procedures require PSC information to be updated as and when changes occur. New PSCs, ceasing to be a PSC and changes to existing PSC details must now be updated on the company’s own PSC register within 14 days and then the company has a further 14 days to report the changes to Companies House. In essence, any changes must be reported to Companies House within 28 days of them occurring. The relevant changes must be reported to Companies House via the new PSC01 to PSC09 forms and equivalent LLPSC01 to LLPSC09 forms for LLP’s, or, as is now more common, through Companies House Webfiling.

With these new changes in mind, it is imperative that when changes take place to share capital, shareholdings, appointments and terminations of directors, that the PSC register is reviewed and updated at the event date so any changes to the PSC records can be notified to Companies House within the required time frames to avoid penalties.

Commenting on this new regime Gary Chapman, one of Warrener Stewart’s directors, said; “In many cases Warrener Stewart assist our corporate clients in meeting their statutory reporting requirements with Companies House. We do not anticipate that compliance with these changes will present any problems provided, of course, that our clients continue to notify us promptly of changes to PSC or other statutory details. If in any doubt company management should contact us immediately.”

A Marathon effort from Ashleigh

27 April 2017 •

As a qualified Enrolled Agent and part of Warrener Stewart’s tax team, Ashleigh spends her working day helping clients meet their US tax responsibilities. But for the past four months, when not at work Ashleigh has been in training to run the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon.


On Sunday, 23rd April, Ashleigh was one of the 40,000 runners who took to the streets of London to run the 26.2 mile course. Not only did Ashleigh finish the race in a very respectable 4:32.57 she also managed to raise £1,600 in donations for her favoured charity, BRACE who fund vital research into Alzheimer’s.

“We are all very impressed with Ashleigh’s achievement,” commented director of Warrener Stewart, Gary Chapman. “Her dedication to her training certainly paid off!”

Donations can still be made to Ashleigh’s Virgin Money Giving Fundraising page to help her reach her target of £1,800.


Warrener Stewart welcomes a new Director

10 April 2017 • Warrener Stewart News

Warrener Stewart is pleased to announce that Ryan Lane has joined the Board of Directors of Warrener Stewart and has taken an equity stake in the business.

“Ryan’s appointment as a director of the company represents a continued strengthening of our senior tax team, providing a solid platform for future expansion of our corporate and personal tax services,” commented joint managing director, Colin Edney. “Ryan has worked very hard towards this day and his appointment is well deserved.  We all look forward to a long and successful partnership with him.”

2017 Spring Budget Highlights

09 March 2017 •

Here is a review of the headline announcements made during the Chancellor’s 2017 Budget together with a reminder of the measures coming into force from April 2017, April 2018 and beyond.

Measures introduced from April 2017

Property taxation

As previously announced a restriction on the tax-deductibility of mortgage interest payments for private landlords will be introduced from April 2017 and is to be phased in over four tax years up to 2020/21.


The ISA limit is to increase to £20,000 from April 2017.  In addition, the new Lifetime ISA is to be introduced for adults under 40 at 6 April 2017. Individuals will be able to save up to £4,000 per annum and receive a 25% bonus from the Government up to the age of 50.

Loss Relief for Companies

Trade losses generated on or after 1 April 2017 which are carried forward can be relieved more flexibly. This is by setting the losses against total taxable profits (TTP) rather than simply trade profits.

Companies and groups with profits in excess of £5million will only be able to relieve losses up to 50% of profits. This measure applies to all losses carried forward, regardless of when they arose.

Domicile and Inheritance Tax

From 6 April 2017, if a non-UK domiciled individual has been UK resident for 15 of the previous 20 tax years they will be deemed to be UK domiciled for tax purposes. In addition, individuals that were born in the UK but have acquired a domicile of choice elsewhere will also be deemed UK domiciled for all taxes whilst they reside the in the UK.

Increased Cash Basis Threshold

The turnover threshold for small unincorporated businesses to use the cash basis of accounting has been increased from £83,000 to £150,000. From 6 April 2017, the cash basis of accounting will also be available for unincorporated property businesses.

VAT Threshold

From 1 April 2017, the VAT registration threshold will increase to £85,000 from £83,000 and the deregistration threshold will rise from £81,000 to £83,000.

Measures Introduced from April 2018

Dividend Allowance

In 2016 George Osborne abolished the notional tax credit for dividends in favour of a £5,000 dividend allowance within which dividends are taxed at 0%. From 1 April 2018, there will be a reduction in the dividend allowance from £5,000 to £2,000.

Class 4 NIC Increase

An increase to Class 4 National Insurance Contributions for self-employed individuals will see the current main rate rise from 9% to 10% from 6 April 2018 with a further increase from 10% to 11% planned from 6 April 2019.

In the future

Making Tax Digital (MTD) Deferral

From 6 April 2018, unincorporated businesses and landlords will be required to change the way they interact with HMRC. This includes using software and apps to record business transactions digitally and provide quarterly updates of their tax affairs. However, unincorporated business and landlords with turnover below the VAT registration threshold of £85,000 will not be required to comply with MTD until 6 April 2019.

If you would like to explore what the Spring Budget could mean for you and your business, please call 020 7731 6163 to talk to one of our tax team, you can also download our 2017/2018 tax card

Celebrating 35 years of Warrener Stewart!

07 February 2017 • Warrener Stewart News

For Warrener Stewart, the year 1982 heralded the start of their successful chartered accountancy practice. In a year that was filled with space travel, the collapse of Laker Airways and, most notably, the Falklands War, chartered accountant Peter Warrener started Warrener & Co in South East London. His intention was to develop an accountancy practice which would provide a highly professional, yet affordable service to the local business community, a need he had identified as sadly lacking.

Now, 35 years on and having moved West to Fulham, the business has grown and matured, much in keeping with the original vision, yet has remained true to its founding principles of providing excellent standards of professional and personal service to meet the needs and budgets of private clients and their businesses. The Firm covers all aspects of accountancy and tax services and gives intelligent business advice. It can count 28 staff at present and has served more than 4,000 clients over the last three and a half decades.

Reminiscing, joint managing director Nick Morgan recounts, “Thirty-five years ago, on 2nd February Peter Warrener started the business. In those intervening years, a lot of water has gone under the bridge, yet there are still a good number of us around who can remember the early years, contributing more than 200 years combined service. That’s an awful lot of tax returns! Everyone should be very proud of this significant achievement.”


The current directors of Warrener Stewart: (l-r): Jon Last, Colin Edney, Gary Chapman, Nick Morgan and Damian Talbot.

“For the past 20 years Warrener Stewart has consistently given good advice... going above and beyond their remit.”
Theo Brehony - London Preparatory School Limited