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Tax apprentice achieves qualification and helps future apprentices

25 May 2022 • Warrener Stewart London, Warrener Stewart News

One of Warrener Stewart’s inaugural tax apprentices, Adrian Harvey, passed his ATT exams within 2 years of joining the firm and has now gone on to return the support by helping future trainees.

Adrian joined Warrener Stewart as a tax apprentice in 2018 and achieved his ATT qualification in 2020. Prior to joining Warrener Stewart, Adrian had previously worked at two of the top four before changing career to work in sales.

What’s it like to work and study at Warrener Stewart?

“I really like the family feel of the company, it’s a great place to study. The senior staff make you feel as though you're not just a cog in the company, you're a person. As I work with our clients more and build up a better relationship with them, the directors encourage us to show our personalities. So we answer our clients’ questions in a technical way, but also bring a bit of ourselves into the conversation”, explained Adrian.

How has Adrian’s role changed since qualifying?

“Having been through the apprenticeship programme here, I’m proud that I can now return the support by training new members of staff. I'm always happy to coach people that need assistance,” he said. “As new colleagues join to study for their ATTs, my job is to help with any queries and support them, for example, discussing a methodology for remembering pieces of legislation. It’s a support system, whereas, before I was qualified, I was the person leaning on others. I’m proud to help and train others now and there’s further opportunities for me here.”

“Warrener Stewart understands our business; they give us more than any other Accountancy service we have ever received in the past. They are extremely commercially aware and very current when it comes to changes in tax policy. ”
Diana Hoare - Anderson Hoare