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A Statutory audit is currently required for specific companies and institutions, Warrener Stewart has a team of auditors ready to assist with external audits.

An audit is often undertaken purely as a statutory requirement however we find that the detailed and in-depth knowledge that is acquired in the process enables us to deliver our clients with the most appropriate and relevant advice both throughout the compliance process and in. Therfore audits can form the basis of a long lasting and highly productive relationship.

Financial management

Once we have conducted an annual audit we use the information to provide advice on how to improve business performance, including considering ways to build confidence and credibility. An audit can also reveal ways to guard against areas of risk by highlighting areas of poor performance; we can even advise, through our tax advisory team on tax advisory projects.

Establishing a value

Audits also form an essential part of preparing a company to sell.  They are essential if your business is seeking additional finance since the lender will request audited financial statements.  Equally prior to a shareholder request companies must provide audited accounts. Having independently audited accounts can make a business look more “grown up” and build confidence – an important factor when tendering for large projects or for Government work. 

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