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Voluntary Audit

Many businesses recognise that undertaking the rigour of an audit plays a fundamental role in the successful management of an organisation.  

This is particularly the case where you are in the earlier stages of what will become a growing business, or where you have a future plan to sell your business, or float it on a stock exchange.  The fact the numbers have been audited gives credibility to the integrity of the financial data and helps managers, stakeholders and potential purchasers of the business make an informed view as to the company’s underlying performance.

Additionally, many of our clients see the benefit of a voluntary audit in any number of ways including:

  • The benefits associated with an external review of financial reporting and procedures;
  • The comfort that the information being reported to shareholders is accurate and reliable especially where they are remote from the business;
  • Future proofing the reliability of financial data in the context of plans for expansion, sale or further business development.

As with our statutory audits, at the end of each assignment, we make suggestions for areas in which a business might improve its systems and reduce exposure of risk.

We have conducted a voluntary audits for many different sectors, including:

  • Limited companies;
  • Limited liability partnerships;
  • Sole traders and partnerships;
  • Charities; and 
  • Professional bodies
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If you have any questions about how your business could benefit contact us today:

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