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Before we can assign a value we will sit down with you to determine why you need the valuation and how best to proceed.

The purpose of any business is to make money - invariably there comes a time within the businesses lifecycle when you need to know just how much the business is worth - possibly because you wish to sell.  

Preparing a business to sell is more than just a valuation, before we can assign a value we will sit down with you to determine why you need the valuation and how best to proceed. In all our business valuations we are mindful of intangible assets such as brand value and customer loyalty.

To measure business success

A business valuation is also good indication about how the business is performing against predefined goals, helping to determine the business’ real and perceived value.  We are advocates of using a business valuation to identify new strategies to help develop the business.

Company restructuring

A business valuation will be needed in advance of any restructuring to your business such as additions, or even exits, to the management team, merging with another business or at the start an employee reward scheme such as an Enterprise Management Scheme. We also have a great deal of experience in acquisitions and mergers where business owners are looking to diversify or to expand existing operations. Or where one part of the partnership wishes to leave, our team of chartered accountants have a wealth of knowledge about preparing the business for sale as part of an exit strategy.

Raising finances

In recent years small owner managed businesses have found it difficult to access finance to help them grow.  Not only can we prepare an accurate assessment of what your business is worth, our strong relationships with banks and other financial institutions enable us to help clients source funding for their business needs. 

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