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As an international explorer operating a company overseas Pen Hadow relied heavily upon Warrener Stewart’s accountancy and tax skills to ensure his Polar expedition company could complete their research program.

The Challenge

To keep pace with the demands of running an international polar expedition.

In 1995 polar explorer Pen Hadow called upon Warrener Stewart to help set up and run The Polar Travel Company, a unique tour operator offering guided expeditions to the Poles.  From advising on tax planning and compliance and helping with financial forecasting, Warrener Stewart continued to work with Pen when he formed Geo Mission to run an international science research program, the Catlin Arctic Surveys from 2009 to 2012. 

Working across international boundaries to finance and operate a significant polar expedition brought many issues for Pen’s financial team.  At certain periods there were high cash flow demands which needed to be identified and managed, but equally challenging for a UK company was being an ‘alien company’ needing to import goods to modify for expedition purposes, only to ship them back to Canada for use.

The Solution

“Warrener Stewart was always very responsive, with a Can Do spirit.”

There were actual ‘life threatening’ situations when Pen and his team needed to seek Warrener Stewart’s advice; having an expedition stuck on a Polar cap with depleting food stocks was one such testing time. Thankfully Warrener Stewart was, as always, available at the end of a telephone and within 10 minutes had resolved the cash flow issues to allow supplies to be flown out.

The Result

Warrener Stewart proved that they could keep pace with an internationally evolving company.  When in 2011 Pen decided to concentrate his business efforts on developing a public speaking profile and move into board room coaching he again called on their expertise to help manage this transition, winding up one company and starting another.

Client's View

“We leaned heavily on Warrener Stewart when we were running the Catlin Arctic Survey, the sheer volume of money and weight of work was incredible; we were so impressed at their quick response times and ability to resolve even the most complicated financial problem.”


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Customer Profile

  • ‘Unique project’ Owner managed businesses
  • Bespoke tour operators
  • Internationally developing companies

Business Advice

  • Business Advisory
  • Annual Audit 
  • Operating as an ‘alien company’ 

“they have helped me make informed judgments at every twist and turn and offer incredible value.”
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