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Warrener Stewart maintaining high standards in challenging times

27 January 2022 • Warrener Stewart News

At Warrener Stewart we aim to provide expert financial advice and guidance, and the highest level of service possible. Over the past two years, with numerous lockdowns and working from home due to COVID, we have had hardly any face-to-face client meetings. So, we decided to carry out a survey to check that we have been delivering the high standards of service that our clients expect despite the challenging circumstances. The survey was carried out independently by ie marketing in Q4, 2021, here we share some of highlights.

Lasting relationships

We know that a lasting business relationship is usually indicative of a happy, satisfied client, so we were delighted to learn that 36.9% of respondents have been using our services for 5 years or more. This sits well with our aim of becoming a trusted partner that our clients can confidently turn to for insightful strategic business advice.

Since before the pandemic we have been actively growing our business and were delighted to have attracted new clients during the pandemic. This is reflected in that fact that 36.8% of respondents have joined us in the past two years.

Delivering excellent service and value

The majority of clients come to us for our accountancy and corporate and personal tax services. Feedback from the survey tells us that we offer a ‘Friendly and efficient service’ and that we ‘always go the extra mile’. We were also described as ‘Unrivalled professional, qualified, intuitive and logical’ and ‘Always available and helpful when we need your team.’

No one wants to be kept waiting when they have a question relating to their tax and accounts, so we were reassured to find that 91% of respondents rate our speed of response to queries as good or excellent. We were also delighted that 86% of respondents rated our service as good or excellent value for money. When asked whether they would recommend us, 86% said they would, in fact prompted by the survey several did exactly that.

Preferred methods of communication

We pride ourselves on providing a very personal service, tailored to suit a client’s individual needs. After two years of COVID restrictions we expected clients to want face-to-face meetings, so were surprised to learn that many now prefer video calls and online meetings. In fact, 86% of respondents said they would prefer to do monthly reviews by video call and 73% said they would prefer their quarterly review by video call. There was a pretty even split for annual review meetings, 51% saying they would prefer video call, and 49% opting for face-to-face.

Colin Edney, Principal at Warrener Stewart said; “We were delighted with the outcome of our survey, especially considering the challenges and restrictions imposed by the pandemic. We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to take part and we will certainly be taking on board some of their suggestions for changes and improvements. Going forward we will be offering the option of video calls and online meetings wherever preferred.”

View client survey highlights here


“For the past 20 years Warrener Stewart has consistently given good advice... going above and beyond their remit.”
Theo Brehony - London Preparatory School Limited