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Nick Morgan to retire after 27 years at Warrener Stewart

12 April 2022 • Warrener Stewart News

After more than 27 years at Warrener Stewart, Nick Morgan is retiring from the firm in April 2022.

When asked about his upcoming retirement, Nick explained that he’ll be busy right up to his final day at the firm. “I don’t have any plans yet, it’ll be very nice to take a break and I’m going to enjoy planning things now I can.” 

As a keen cyclist Nick has previously taken part in various charity cycle events, so it’s no surprise that cycling is one of the things that he will be thinking about. “It would be nice to do some cycling and walking, as well as spending time visiting friends and family,” he added.

How have things changed at Warrener Stewart?

“In many respects it’s unrecognisable, although the core team of the business has been here the whole time,” explained Nick. “It’s been very dynamic over the last 10 years, the growth has been significant.”

“When I joined there were no emails - we did have computers just about, we had moved off the abacus,” he joked, “but there’s been an amazing change in the way we do business thanks to the impact of technology.”

What will Nick miss?

“I think I’ll miss the whole thing, all the day-to-day issues that need to be sorted, it never stops. It’s been a way of life for so long, it will be difficult to switch off. One thing I am certain to miss will be the Warrener Stewart team who are all both colleagues and friends. It’s been very good of them to put up with me for so long! But it’s the right time for me to retire and I’m positive about the future of the firm as I prepare to hand over,” said Nick, “we’ve been preparing members of the team for this step for years, they’re a great bunch and highly capable.”

Nick joined the firm in 1994 and was promoted to Principal in 1997. He has two sons and lives with his wife near Guildford.

Commenting on the announcement, Warrener Stewart’s Joint Managing Director, Colin Edney said:

“In many ways it’s the end of an era. 27 years is a long time in business and we will all miss Nick’s presence in the firm.

He has made a hugely valuable contribution to our development over a period of growth in which we’ve gone from a team of barely a dozen to 45 staff across two locations.

While we wish Nick all the best for his retirement, I am sure he will remain a ‘friend of the firm’ and that he’ll keep in touch with us all over the years to come.”

Everyone at Warrener Stewart wishes Nick all the best for the future.

“we loved Warrener Stewart’s dynamic approach and really felt that they wanted to be part of our future.”
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